Product development for Roche Musique

Product development for Roche Musique

How to federate a community thanks to a clothes line?

Roche Musique is an independent french music label created in 2012 in Paris by Jean Janin aka Cézaire. From RbnB to House, it’s now into one of Paris’ reference label with artists such as Darius, FKJ, Kartell, Dabeull, Zimmer !

We team up with the label team to create their first clothing line to enhance the label identity and federate their community. We create a minimalist line with classic and cool basic products. Based on the label DNA and identity our goal was to propose a line that every artist could wear and be proud of in order to represent the label on and off tour.

The clothing line has been an important asset for their communication, from social network to merchandising they use it as a new symbol of membership of the label and they invited everybody to wear it to be part of the crew.

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Photographer: Kiroubel @kiroubel
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