Pressday for Puma Motorsport

Pressday for Puma Motorsport

How to dust off press day codes ?

In just a few years, France and its thriving hip-hop scene have become the strongholds of racing-inspired fashion movement. Puma, the leading brand of this Motorsport trend, has naturally picked out Paris to unveil its new collection designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Our challenge was to organize an immersive event while maintaining the best practices of a press day. We privatized a secret underground car park located under a central Parisian hotel and recreated the atmosphere of a tuning workshop. From 8 am to 7 pm, the press and a selection of influencers could discover the collection among a camouflage-patterned car, a bright red quad, and a matt SUV. From 7 pm to midnight, the day ended up in a cool influencers cocktail party with live performances of French rappers Di-Meh and YL.

For this event, we maintained some of the classical press day rules in order to maximize the media impact. That’s why we allowed some time for interviews and content creation. At the same time, we wanted to offer a renewed and immersive experience to boost engagement. Respecting street culture and Motorsport codes, we glorified the collection through the place, the set-up, the music, the lights, and the creation of influencers gift. As a consequence: journalists, influencers and other guests literally took over the place.

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