Branding & Packaging
for Panda Tea

Branding & Packaging
for Panda Tea

How to create a digital native brand?

For the launch of their product and company, the Panda team came to us to create a strong digital native brand. Behind Panda Tea are 3 brothers who have respective backgrounds in business, digital and pharmaceuticals and who were looking for a new challenge. Their goal is to offer a distinctive product on the detox tea market, thanks to its quality and strong digital branding.

Panda Tea is not only a product, it represents also a community striving to promote a sustainable way of life.

The starting point of our thinking was the name of the company. Indeed, the panda is a friendly animal that people love and want to spend time with. We decided to put him at the center of the brand. The panda becomes the new customer’s coach and friend. It is the brand’s voice and identity.

From the logo to the packaging, we built a product which speaks to millennials and reinforces their codes. They want to share their challenge with the newest, cutest and coolest coach: The Panda.
Panda tea has become an Instagram success story thanks to its engaging packaging and strong identity.

We are still continuing the adventure with them.

Here a some key metrics:
– More than 30K followers on Instagram in 9 months
– More than 5000 UGC generated from the launch on Instagram
– 85% Traffic source from social network

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