Identity for Zimmer

Identity for Zimmer


How to create a visual symbol for an artist

Zimmer is a French producer and DJ part of the Parisian label Roche Musique. He wanted to find a visual symbol which would express his music and artistic universe.

Between dreams and travels, his minimalistic, modern and colorful house music brings positive vibes and helps you escape. With Zimmer, the energy never rises!

We created for him a universal symbol. It was inspired by cosmos, travel, duality, modernity, architecture, culture and movement. The circle became his emblem. It evolves with the time: from the moon to the sun, from a graphic form to a natural one.

The circle describes the positive energy that the artist brings to each of his albums and performances. We first unveiled the new symbol on the cover we made for the EP “Coming of Age” launched in June 15. Since then, it has been present on all the artist’s albums and remix covers.

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