Fashion graphic designs

Fashion graphic designs

Fashion graphic designs – Prints & Patterns

Our team works towards shaping strong brand storytelling. We create fashion graphic designs – prints and patterns – that reflect both your story and retail strategy, whether it be for merchandising, collaborations or collections. Discover some of our work:

CLUB PETANQUE – From SS14 to AW17 Collection
FAGUO – From SS15 to SS17 collection
CYRILLUS x FAGUO – Collaboration design
UNDIZ – AW17 Women + Mens clothes and underwear designs
LYOUM – AW16 & SS17 collection
RAD – More than 200 designs created
ROCHE MUSIQUE – Merchandising collection
CLUB CHEVAL – Merchandising collection
RICARD – Design of cool uniforms for brand ambassadors

Antoine Coucoureux

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