Strategy and Branding for Faguo

Strategy and Branding for Faguo

How to make a shoes brand to become a global fashion brand?

Faguo is a French shoes brand created in 2009 by two friends. Their idea is to expand the brand with the launch of their first fashion line.

We collaborate with Faguo to help them to create their first fashion collection highlighting the strong identity of the brand. From storytelling to fashion design, we create sporty and casual items aligned with their actual shoes collection. From the beginning, we create a new collection for every season with an engaging stories and designs in line with the brand evolution.

The new fashion collection gave them the opportunity to communicate as a global fashion brand (+50 press releases print + tv) and to develop a new retail network which became a significant part their business. The launch of this fashion collection is now an integral part of the brand’s story and has been celebrated in June 2015 with the opening of their first shop in Le Marais in Paris. In 2016, we also work with Faguo regarding their association with the French brand Cyrillus by shaping the story and the design of this collaboration.

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