Monument – Agence de communication à  Paris – Expertise

Monument – Agence de communication à  Paris – Expertise


Born of a genuine desire to establish a dedicated fashion and lifestyle agency, Monument understands the specific needs of the fashion industry. To provide an engaging customer strategy and enrich your brand DNA, we optimize both the marketing and creative worlds. From branding to digital content, make the most of our wide range of expertise.

Branding and Naming

Branding – Naming – Visual identity

We are product lovers and brand passionate advocates capable of providing customer engaging strategies matching brand DNAs and stories. Based on your needs, we forge identity, storytelling, naming and brand strategies that often go beyond your expectations.

Social Content Creation

Content creations: Photography and Film – Social strategy – Instagram account management

We craft unique online content for your community to engage with. From social video creation to account management, our vision and know-how empower your business by delivering your target a strong and coherent brand experience.

Fashion Graphic Design

Graphic design creation – Brand development – Trend analysis

Our team works towards shaping strong brands storytelling that will resonate today, tomorrow and the day after. We create fashion design graphics that reflect both your story and retail strategy, whether it is for merchandising, collaboration or collection.


Catalogue – Look book – Poster – Invitation design

From brand book to invitation, we aspire to design and create strong brand visual experiences. We always collaborate with the most talented creative people to enhance your identity and exceed your expectations.

Website and E-shop

Responsive website – E-shop – WordPress – Web Design – UX – Digital content

We offer advanced digital experiences focused on content and online stories. From e-store creation to responsive websites – we always come up with the best digital strategies in order to help your brand, delivering a truly connected experience to your customers.

Events and Influencers

Brand activation – Event organization – Influence campaign

From brand activation to product launch, we orchestrate outstanding events tailor-made for your brand. Thanks to our talented community, we cast the right people to engage seamlessly with your community.


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