Digital Editorial Guidelines & Copywriting for Lacoste

Digital Editorial Guidelines & Copywriting for Lacoste

How to define your digital editorial guidelines?

For Lacoste, we were proud to be asked to work on the digital experience. We followed a 2 step process to unveil the new brand’s editorial line.

Step 1. Define the digital editorial guidelines
Our aim was to create a tool used by both internal and external teams to write consistent and engaging digital content.

A brand should speak with its heart therefore so should the people writing for it. Lacoste is more than a brand, it’s a legend. Behind its name, there is the story of a French tennis player and icon: René Lacoste. The editorial line enhanced the French DNA of the brand and its sport legacy.

We brought more rhythm to the content by using a positive and playful construction of the French language. Between heritage and modernity, the new editorial line follows the brand’s story keeping in mind the digital format and audience.

Step 2. Edit a new editorial approach for the brand section on Lacoste’s website
Following the launch of the digital editorial guidelines, we unveiled a new digital editorial experience for Lacoste’s brand section. We presented a new approach: catchier, more modern, easier to read and remember.

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