for Sonia Tlev x Undiz

for Sonia Tlev x Undiz

How to create an engaging campaign around an influencer?

Undiz, the French brand of cool_lingerie part of the Etam group stages a market revolution building its brand around its #undizfamily community which counts more than 1 million people around the world.

For the Spring Summer 17 collection, Undiz collaborated with the international fitness coach and influencer Sonia Tlev. With more than 1.8 million Instagram followers, she is the voice and coach of a new generation of women who want to challenge themselves #girlpower.

Together, from the very start, they created a collection tailored for fitness training where Sonia Tlev was able to inject her sports know how. When we began working on the communication strategy and launch, we started with a global approach. We thought about how to create a strong engagement towards the collection using both audiences, from the brand and the influencer. Thanks to a global campaign – digital + retail – we enhanced both Undiz and Sonia Tlev DNAs which mutually strengthened both brands.

We planned and created all the assets from retail to digital – eshop and social networks. Concerning Retail, we created a specific environment using modern images. We showcased the collaboration across store windows, displays in-store and dedicated corners and organised a real customer path to purchase. Moreover, the digital communication strategy was built around 3 pillars: 1/ social contents, 2/ product and category pages improved experience and 3/ an entertaining editorial page featuring videos based on Sonia Tlev’s Superpowers.

Sold out online, the collaboration has been a commercial success in store too. Furthermore, Sonia Tlev proudly reposted the creative assets on her social media which received a lot of positive feedback and more than 1 Million views for the videos. In this way, using one message,we managed to talk to both communities.

Services for Undiz

Strategy Artistic Direction Production Shooting Video Digital and social activation Retail design

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